Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Words Most People Are Too Retarded To Understand

Contrary to crowd-worshipers' misconceptions, language isn't an arbitrary convention whose structure and meaning is arbitrarily determined by the crowd. The fact that most people misuse a word in a certain way doesn't mean the misuse is the correct form of the word. In fact, there are types of such misuses that never change the meaning of a word. The opposite is true of course.

So for instance, it used to be that gender meant grammatical gender of words. Then some freaks and academic retards decided to change its meaning as a linguistic weapon for their political agenda. That's how gender came to officially mean social role as opposed to sex which they limited to anatomy. Of course, their attempt failed because nowadays most people use gender to refer to both social role AND anatomy and sex means copulation or at least fornication.

The reason why the freaks' and retards' little political ploy failed isn't because their target audience are too stupid to grasp that anatomy and social role are different things. No, they fully grasp it.
The problem is that their audience *doesn't care* that anatomy and social role are different things because they think social role SHOULD be determined by anatomy. The freaks' question of "well, what if your insides don't match your outsides?" is about as valid to them as
asking for the color of invisible unicorns.

Now, in this case, the political ploy was invented by crowd-following retards (even the freaks care about following the crowd, they just studiously stay in its margins) and their target audience was other crowd-following retards. It's just that one group of crowd-following retards lost and the winning side decided to throw a sop to them to tell them "it's alright to be a freak". So now gender has replaced sex, social role matters more than anatomy, and it's still not okay for your insides (preferred social role) to mismatch your outsides (anatomy).

In this case, language DID shift but nothing really changed. Nothing changed because people still want the same things they've always wanted. And language did shift because ... the only users of those words, the ones who care most about them, are precisely the ones who collectively decided what they mean. Now let's look at some examples flowing in the other direction. The direction where no matter what some crowd-following retards say or think or strenuously believe and advocate, nothing about language changes one little bit.

Now, if a psychopath tells you "There is no Good or Evil, only Power and those too weak to seek it" like a cliché fucking Lord Voldemort (or Felipe in the comments of this blog), then that doesn't mean those words don't exist in the English language, nor does it eradicate their meaning. What it means is he's a fucking psychopath and too stupid to grasp them. And since following the crowd is a form of retardation, if a crowd-follower tells you "there is no meaning to words except what the crowd decides" again it doesn't mean words' meanings are changed at the crowds' whims, it just means the crowd-follower is a retard.

Some practical examples!

Justice is variously misinterpreted by retarded people as Vengeance (by Batman),, Revenge (by sociopaths), the Law As Written (by psychopaths), the Law As Intended (by conservatives) and it goes on.

What Justice actually MEANS is 'anti-value collapse'. Of course, various retards always think it means anti-collapse of THEIR values. And all of them are too stupid to think in the abstract and to realize that Justice has an abstract meaning.

Does the fact that retards misinterpret justice change what it means? No. What it means is that they're retards. And in this case retards do not get to determine what Justice means because Justice is a
non-retarded word invented by non-retards for their own purposes, so NOTHING the retards say about it can ever matter. Not even if retards came to compose the entire population of the Earth. Still in that case, the meaning of Justice would not change, it would merely have died in usage.

Good is another word people misinterpret. To centrists it means
'service'. To conservatives it means altruism. To sociopaths, it
simply doesn't exist and is utterly incomprehensible (because they
have evil as a value). What good ACTUALLY means is "consistent with
values". But no one said it had to be retarded values! The servants
can engage in all the do-gooderism they want, they're not actually
doing good. And more topically, they don't get to determine what good

Morality is another word people misinterpret. To centrists it means
'bare minimum'. This is why centrists obsess over people being
"decent" human beings. Decent means "barely adequate". To
conservatives it means 'collective well-being'. What it ACTUALLY means is "minimum consistent with non-Evil values".

And finally we have empathy, yet another word people misinterpret. To
pop-psych retards it means attunement or identification or 'empathize with the Neutral need to identify'. To psychologists it means "not-attunement, but unsure what it means". To sociopaths it means "reading body language". What it actually means is ... something that will be hopelessly misinterpreted by retards.

Incidentally, it bugs me that anyone can be so retarded as to believe psychopaths are "masters of empathy and social navigation", a view they derive from such "facts" as Silence of the Lambs (hint: it's a fucking movie). And the fact that American corporations (which are psychopathic thus easy for psychopaths to understand) are tough for normal people to navigate. Or the fact that thousands of American CEOs are psychopaths, yeah let's forget that millions of psychopaths are in jail. Let's also forget that once they're at the top of a corporation, they only last there for a year before they manage to accidentally incinerate it down to the ground.

Psychopaths are so fucking stupid, they honestly believe if they're given a million dollars and they manage to NOT waste it within a year, then they deserve to be praised. And they will SULK if the praise isn't high enough. And there better be a reward for it too. These are the "masters of empathy and social navigation"?! Like FUCK. And anyone who worships psychopaths is stupider than they are. Yes Felipe, I'm looking at you. And no, your comments are still unwelcome and will still be deleted.

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