Sunday, October 17, 2010

On The Supposed Constancy Of Human Nature

An oft repeated lie by anthropologists and other liberal arts scum is that "technology advances but human nature is a constant".

That's such a load of crap. In just the last 40 years rape has all but disappeared from the civilized world (check the stats!). And it's all thanks to pornography redirecting men's sexual energy away from actual women. Something women aren't thankful for, surprise surprise.

For comparison, in medieval times, every city woman would have been gang raped by street children at least once. And in ancient times they didn't even see anything unusual, let alone wrong, with rape - it was so common.

It works exactly the same way as violent crimes going down when violent movies are showing, and child molestations going down when child pornography is legal. As it was briefly in Sweden and Denmark when they took down obscenity laws. So we can all be thankful that the internet makes all things available to everyone now regardless of the wishes of authoritarians.

Violent movies (unlike first person shooters) don't actually train people to become better criminals, they just satisfy criminal appetites. Satisfied criminal appetites don't bloom into criminal activity. All the academics masturbating about how this "whets criminal appetites" can shove their scholastic number-of-angels-on-a-pin lying crap "arguments" up their ass.

Let's not forget these are the same psych- social- academic numbnuts that came up with the cathartic "letting out your aggression" theory without ever checking whether it works. It doesn't! All "catharsis" does is it lowers the psychological barriers to violent action.

It's funny how catharsis is supposed to be good for potential victims or "mild" aggressors (with whom it's okay to sympathize) but satisfying appetites is bad for potential perpetrators. The truth is that acting anything out is bad because it trains you, but watching it done is okay. Huh, acting and watching are different, and victim vs perpetrator doesn't matter, who could have guessed? Just about everybody with a brain.

Going on, child abuse has also declined markedly across the board to the point where spanking children is frowned upon in most of the civilized world and illegal in the most advanced countries. Similarly, homicide and suicide are down thanks to the much reduced naked obedience to authority that's the product of the 1968 revolution.

That's another thing, the 1968 revolution. Holy fucking shit. Anyone who doesn't know it and claims to know human beings or society is an idiot. The same goes for anyone who underestimates it.

So yeah, the notion of human nature remaining constant, let alone being universal, is such an appalling and unbelievable load of anti-human crap. What it's basically saying (falsely) is that we're all doomed to be Nazis forever. That is a hateful fucking lie. Hell, not even Americans could ever be Nazis. It's just not true that Americans are as psychologically backwards and primitive as the average African.

And yet, anthropologists really believe this hateful lying shit. Because of course they detest their own societies and are in love with the "noble savage". Ugh. Just one more reason to execute the anthropology departments and incinerate their accumulated "work" before starting from scratch using physicists. Even restarting with psychologists would be an enormous improvement. That's really saying something.


Veil said...

In your view, if pornography had been as ubiquitous during medieval times (or in the ancestral village) as it is today, would medieval (and ancestral) rape frequency have been commensurately diminished?

Richard Kulisz said...

Only if it had been so cheap and widely distributed that children had access to it. During medieval times they had huge problems with pedophilia. Socrates and Plato were noted pedophiles (as well as pro-monarchy anti-democratic lying scumbags). So children became sexualized and that led to street children becoming rape gangs. All these problems were worse in tribal villages.