Monday, October 04, 2010

An Open Rant To Brian Wang, the Mindless Chink Booster and Preacher

A personal response prompted by since the bastard has a habit of deleting negative responses on his blog. Yes, I took great umbrage to his "we will triumph through the power of our ignorance" stance on FTL at one point, as I think any sane person must.

Rant Begins

It's amazing how stupid you still are about space, hyping up blatantly un-feasible systems like fusion and antimatter and totally neglecting awesome, kickass and entirely practical systems like Isaac Kuo's x-ray laser drivers.

Why? Because they don't fit into your Star Trek future where you have tramp freighter captains that can ram a starship right into our planet with us having no defenses. What's your solution to that problem? Ignore it and pray to the Machine God that everything will work out okay. Meanwhile, preach resignation and futility! You're such a fucking dumbass it's incredible. Like some kind of crazy UFO / suicide cult leader.

It's amazing how stupid you are to confuse Hawking saying "not impossible in theory" with "feasible engineering-wise". You call yourself an engineer? Fucking pathetic. The Fermi Paradox proves that faster than light travel may be "possible in theory" all you want, but it can never, ever be feasible in any kind of engineering sense. Not even if FTL required as little as the power of a supernova. Because if it were so feasible then some alien civilization would have colonized this galaxy in the past 12.3 billion years. 

But when basic logic conflicts with your hype, your hype wins.

You do the same thing with Lunar Development. You claim that helium-3 is a valid reason to go to the moon. Bullshit! Mining helium-3 would cost billions a tonne. Yet the stuff is only worth 100,000$ a tonne if it's to be competitive with fission fuel. So you would be taking a loss of greater than 99% with Helium-3 or having a return on investment of -99.999%. Congrats retard.

Lunar development is one of your pet projects so you use fusion power to justify it. Fusion power is one of your pet projects so you use lunar development to justify it. Yet you're too fucking stupid to realize your logic is circular. And you're way too stupid to realize that of these two projects neither is economical. What kind of a fucking engineer are you?!

And while I'm at it, you've also never once mentioned that putting domes over cities would cut out rain which would make the cities involved filthy and increase their cleaning costs. You've reprinted that story at least three times with ever more elaboration and you've never once mentioned the obvious. Don't you have any fucking common sense?

How can you expect to be convincing when you totally fail to mention anything negative even when it's blatantly fucking obvious to absolutely everyone?! Just hope people are stupid enough to not notice it, is that it? Just hope they're not wondering and suspicious about the costs of artificially cleaning a city?

And for anyone wondering at the title, it's because Brian Wang is a Chinese racist and it shows. And just as his mindless boosterism can be aggravating when it falls afoul of common sense, fundamental physics or elemental logic, yes his racism and mindless China boosting is aggravating too. The only thing worse than boosting backwards, uneducated and psychologically un-evolved people like the Chinese is the even worse Indians. The Germans are bad enough, and they're the best there is in western Europe. China? You're talking about at least three notches lower.


Stephen R. Diamond said...

"The Germans are bad enough, and they're the best there is in western Europe."
I had thought you contended the Germans were solid Socializing Mode, while we Americans straddle the Intrusive Mode. So, where do the evolved reside?

Richard Kulisz said...

If we dismiss localized phenomena like Boulder-Colorado, Hawaii and Taking Children Seriously, and we focus on whole countries only then there is only one answer - Northern Europe. The land of the tall blond viking gods. Hitler would be proud. As disgusting as that thought is, it doesn't change the bare fact that Sweden and Finland have been Helping mode (6+) for decades now.

Way back when the Germans were ascending to 5 in the 1970s, the Swedes and Finns were ascending to 6. Sweden was the first country to outlaw spanking in 1979. They weren't being fashionable or following the leader like Greece and Italy are being. They took it seriously, it was a big deal.

Nowadays you can find videos of Nordic students going nude at their high school graduation ... and it isn't a big deal. There's also a sweet movie with a daughter raised by her deaf parents. Near the end, her father finds her cuddled up naked with her boyfriend on the living room floor. He smiles and leaves her alone.

Can you imagine the psychotic reaction of an American parent? It sickens me that such psychosis is deemed "normal" by American children. Something to joke about rather than to fear & dread as violent insanity usually is.

Richard Kulisz said...

Compared to most countries, Germans are great. They're even experimenting with reducing their obsessive compulsive order by, say, eliminating all traffic signs in some small towns. They're following the cues of their northern neighbours who discovered this reduces accidents by making drivers feel more uncertain and less entitled to mow down anyone in their way.

[On the subject of entitlement you should know that legally, European drivers are NEVER entitled to mow down pedestrians and cyclists. They are presumed at fault. Does that make you wonder at what kind of fucked up psychopathic thinking could result in Anglo-American law?]

Another great tactic is planting trees right by the side of the road. That way any deviation from the roadside will be immediately fatal, which causes drivers to slow down, to pay more attention and reduces the total number of accidents enough to cause a net decrease in fatalities. I thought you might appreciate how the public's and politician's dismissal of psychology leads them to making retarded decisions like felling all roadside trees.

But sometimes Germans do retarded things that piss me off. And sometimes, as in the past month, they do multiple such things simultaneously. Like the psychotically delusional anti-nuclear energy policy in Germany (ultimately rooted in love of anti-human aristocracy and fascistic order, which is what the "ecology" movement really is). And the other thing was their scummy 19th century arguments for and against welfare in Germany. I meant to blog about that. The whole mindset and framework behind BOTH sides of the "more welfare" vs "less welfare" debate in Germany is narrow-minded and disgusting.

Richard Kulisz said...

Yes technically it is neurosis and not psychosis. I've always been fuzzy on that distinction since I've never seen a rigorous formal definition. Thinking adolescents are asexual is an extreme break with objective reality, not unlike psychosis.

It's a mistake to think that psychoses are about low-level perceptions and not high-level beliefs. Someone who hallucinates due to non-congenital blindness and believes they're hallucinating is perfectly sane.

I suppose a neurosis is a disorder treatable without medication or ECT (which psychoses aren't?) but I don't actually know that 'asexualizing adolescents' is treatable. Neurotic people rarely accept therapy for failings that harm only others.