Thursday, February 24, 2011

Death of Graphics Art Market Predicted

Isn't it funny how the audio art revenues are collapsing even as the visual art revenues are expanding through the same digital technology? Meanwhile, both of their costs are plummeting. But the reason behind these opposite outcomes is obvious when you think about it.

Audio playback technology is far in advance of video playback. Ordinary people can LISTEN to an arbitrary master audio song (CD), but they can't as easily SEE an arbitrary master image. Only a publishing house can do that by printing a large format poster. With an incredible amount of lag and expense involved of course.

Additionally, compared to video, there's hardly any artistry or skill involved in producing audio art anyways. Even compared to 2D video, let alone 3D, and 4D. But then again, audio is maxed out at 2D. So a lot more people are involved in producing it and amassing a public library of audio art that covers the entire space of possibilities (all the music you'll ever want to hear) is so much easier than for video art.

Of course, the conclusion is inescapable - cheap, thin & lightweight wall-sized video displays will collapse the digital graphics market, destroying the entire revenue base of graphics artists. I await this technology eagerly as that will be the day when ridiculous notions like hoarding art will die.

Hoarding by so-called "collectors", a euphemism for a vile activity performed by the rich, much like other euphemisms such as "adventurers" (for useless lay-abouts) and "philanthropists" (for public policy autocrats).

But it's not just ridiculous things like canvas paintings or the whole notion of "framing" art that will finally die. Copyright will also get its long-awaited and eagerly anticipated final death. Because when copyright no longer can be forcibly imposed on music or novels or graphics, it will apply to nothing at all.

And when the ridiculous and anti-progressive notion of copyright dies, it will become obvious that ALL art must be produced on a communist basis. From each, according to his ability; to each, according to his needs. Because the alternative is that art not be produced at all, something fascists will no doubt contemplate before regretfully abandoning it. Copyright's death will be communism's triumph.

A further conclusion is now inescapable. The anti-human anti-progress patent system will collapse when 3D printers become widespread among the general population. Or in general form, when technologies are democratized and universalized, arbitrary authoritarian restrictions on them (like copyright and patents) are no longer tenable. Or put in even more general form: democracy is the enemy of authoritarianism.

It's funny what places you can find democracy waging war against authoritarianism, isn't it? But once you see it at work, it's quite uplifting to realize that democracy will win.


Anonymous said...

Exactly what will be the incentive for large organizations of peole to (collectively) come together to come up with new lifesaving drugs, or new industrial goods or techniques, if they can't profit from such effort. Obviously some innovation will continue, particularly in areas that can be pursued by single individuals or very small groups (like art and literature). But for large scale enterprises, how do you get people to put in the time sacrifices necessary for progress, with no real chance for remuneration, in your opinion?

Richard Kulisz said...

I'm not interested in answering your tired old cliche'ed shit for brains misconceptions of how the world works. Read Sources of Innovation by Eric von Hippel you ignoramus. It's available freely on his website. Then you can fuck off.

I hate dealing with total fucking cluelessness. Nobody in the computer hardware field thinks patents are a good thing. And I'm not talking about software patents. If you think patents are required for semiconductor firms to "protect their investment" you are DEAD FUCKING WRONG YOU FUCKING RETARD.

For every company like Weshinghouse and ARM that produces and sells genuinely useful innovations, there are 10 that use the patent system to blackmail others, and 100 tha bleed from the lawyers they have to hire.

In fact, you know what? Here you are, a total fucking moron who doesn't even know the meaning of terms like "first mover advantage" or "network effect" and yet you feel free to PRETEND that your opinion is worth shit. You feel free to talk as if you're my equal, as if you have something intelligent to contribute on the subject of what industry needs, as if my knowledge and facts are mere "opinion" equal to your vast ignorance and overweening fucking ego. So you know what? JUST FUCKING DIE YOU INTELLECTUAL POSEUR!