Sunday, February 27, 2011

Systems Designers Cannot Bloom Early

I've found the youngest systems designers in the past century bloomed in their 30s which is an interesting observation. Today I recalled an article about artistic geniuses - some of whom bloomed early and some of whom bloomed late. The early ones had conceptual breakthroughs but it's obvious now that complex systems can never count as simple concepts. So systems designers cannot bloom early because it takes a complex mind to create revolutionary complex systems. Interesting that there's a logical explanation behind the empirical pattern.

This immediately raises the question of what systems designers get up to in their incubation period. The answer to that is both "not much" and "learning about the world, themselves and systems" in conceptual ways that are anathema to academia. And it's pretty obvious to me that the more and earlier they're forced to "produce", the less they'll actually learn. The more society forces systems designers to be "useful" during their incubation period, the more twisted and stunted they'll become. And so the less they'll actually produce over their entire lifetimes.

Nikola Tesla is a great example of a stunted systems designer. Throughout his life he managed to create only 4 complex systems - the AC generator, radio remote control, wireless power transmission, and bladeless turbines. Notice any pattern? All of his achievements were squarely in electrical engineering or just one step removed from electrical engineering. What about philosophy, politics, architecture, psychology? He knew nothing of these subjects and he contributed nothing. Tesla's gifts were squandered by a mean hateful society and his contributions to the world stunted.

This world is run by mental incompetents and others totally lacking in creativity such as engineers and programmers. Their constant demands that more talented creative people "produce" according to their standards and their schedules have ruined all of the creative geniuses in this world. The people who could have been uplifting human civilization were all systematically destroyed by egotistical self-important talentless pricks who then proceeded to pat themselves on the back for it. Because they couldn't stand the existence of people more gifted and talented than they themselves. People with gifts and talents that they, the engineers and programmers and other such uncreative pricks, were far too mentally incompetent to see.

You can't force a systems designer to grow, they must incubate. So if you ever see a bright young thing who's creative and logical and intellectual but is "just wasting their life" ... BACK THE FUCK OFF!

You know, there are times when I wish I could just destroy the enemies of humanity. Unfortunately, that's 40-80% of the human population.

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