Friday, March 01, 2013

Reserving Jobs For Humans? NO!

I can actually respect them for it. They do the stuff I don't want to do and can actually be happy doing it. You just have to get them to help humanity in their own way... Humanity obviously can't have everyone be Researcher or System Designer or few things would get done. I figure if we progress further we'll probably get less drones since people will care more about what happens.

Look, I respect that it was necessary for human beings to do all this shit. But it's not even true that I wouldn't want to do it or that I couldn't be happy doing it. So long as it was constantly varied from one week to the next, I could have been happy at it.

Job Complexes are a concept from Participatory Economics by Michael Black. PARECON should really have been implemented ... oh yeah, it already is implemented in this company called Semco SA in Brazil. And just about nowhere else in the world! Even if temporary and freelance workers sort of quality.

So you see, the workplace of today isn't identical to the hierarchical workplaces of 300 years ago because it HAS to be. Work doesn't HAVE to be mind-numbing and repetitive. The workplace is identical because a lot of the population is Lawful Evil. Because people are Fascistic arseholes.

Hell, they're so Evil they actually believe that competition HELPS over most of the planet. Despite the comprehensive book No Contest: The Case Against Competition by Alfie Kohn. I don't recommend it by the way, it won't have anything you don't already know or believe to be true. I do recommend you use it as ammunition against arseholes.

But getting back to my point! The point is that I respect that it WAS necessary. Emphasis on was. It no longer is, therefore I no longer respect them for doing jobs that are unnecessary and subjecting themselves to demeaning, dehumanizing, and hierarchical subjugation to do them.

And you need to think very carefully about this point: robots vs slaves. Because before robots and mass production came along, some people did have hygiene, and large homes, and mass communication, and publishing, and long-range communication, and books, and education and this and that.

You know who they were? The rich! Yes, there were ... you know, just read Social Implications Of Technology.

Prices have come down and things which were infinitely expensive in the past became expensive and now they're getting cheaper. And while it's generally bad for society when they go from infinitely to merely expensive, it's super-good when they go from expensive to cheap. Even killing technologies such as AK47s.

The problem for your position is that using slaves puts a floor on the price of goods. It intrinsically makes them expensive. It intrinsically makes it so that only the rich can afford them. Rich people could always afford artisanal crafts.

But for poor people to afford them required mass production and industrialization. Automation! Mass production is an intrinsically socialist idea just as artisanship and craftsmanship are intrinsically aristocratic. Same with elections being aristocratic.

Nowadays, only rich people can afford custom-designed products. And I long to see the day when AI make it so that everyone gets custom-designed stuff. I already said as much in what space colonization would really look like. Every possible opportunity will be taken, no opportunity will ever be wasted, because personalized design of everything (even your life) will guarantee it.

Hell, I'm a mental systems designer. I help design human minds. I help design human lives. I know what can be done. I know the glories that can be achieved. Read The Crimes of Ms Jean Brady for an idea of what a fairly ordinary person can achieved with a mind capable of systems design behind her.

I fucking want that. I want every person to have that. To be their own agent, to be forceful. I don't want poverty and deprivation. I don't want normal people to be slaves, or serfs, or "artisans" for the super-rich. Like the artisans employed by the Vickys (neo-Victorians) in Diamond Age. An execrable book, I recommend against it.

I want an EXPLOSION of mass-produced stuff. Even design! I want EVERYONE to be able to afford it, not just the fucking super-rich. I want to be out of a job! I want everyone else to be out of a job too! I want a genuine ludic civilization. One not where "people can be happy" but where people ARE happy.

What we have, fucking sucks. And your modest improvements to what we have ... fucking suck. Too little too late. I want infinitely more.

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