Friday, March 01, 2013

Engineers Boast Of Creating Mind Control Technology

Take a good look at this creepy ass story of imbecilic morons playing Doctor Frankenstein for no reason whatsoever.

Now, before you get on my case, I know full well that the ultimate application of this technology is brain-downloading of human brains. And they're doing it this way in order to verify that their brain interface is correct, reliable and portable. I fucking KNOW this. I am ALL FOR IT.

But that's not what these scum fucking scum fuckers are SAYING, is it?! What they're saying is just utterly fucking REPULSIVE! Organic computers!? WHAT. the. FUCK?!

If you want neuromorphic computers, Hewlett Packard is working on memristors to produce just that. And they will ultimately be FAR cheaper, and FAR more reliable! And far more powerful and far faster!

But no, these scum sucking fuckers are going the BIO route. Why? Bio bio bio bio! Like saying fucking "magic". Magic makes it better! Bio's better! These scum fuckers are trumpeting an INFERIOR and OBSOLETE technology! A REPULSIVE inferior and obsolete technology. A creepy and freakish technology. WHAT. THE. FUCK?!

It almost looks like they're deliberately un-selling their technology. Pitching it in such a way so as to deliberately turn off or repulse their audience and market. Almost! But the TRUTH is these are the same kinds of worthless scum that work on nuclear weapons and LANDMINES. And BIOWEAPONS!

And so here they are trumpeting for all the world: look we've got a better landmine! Look we've got bioweapons! Look we've got MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY!

Fucking engineers. That's what this is. Fucking engineers. Engineers incapable of synthesis, thus incapable of JUDGEMENT. Incapable of ethics or morality except as some stupid list of rules saying THOU SHALT and THOU SHALT NOT. And because nobody TOLD them "thou shalt not make mind control technology" they think it's GREAT.

No fucking judgement. Fucking engineers!

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