Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nuclear Power Should Never Be A Popular Issue

You know, I'm not just well-read on nuclear issues, I'm also reasonably well-read on anti-nuclear activists.

So I can tell you that when anti-nuclear activists in Canada categorized the Canadian government's financing the construction of nuclear power plants in China as a multi-billion dollar "subsidy" instead of a LOAN to be paid back with interest ... that was entirely typical of anti-nuclear activists everywhere in the world.

How can that possibly be? Well, it's because the nuclear industry is one of a few major industry (eg, semiconductors), that is a genuinely modern industry. It could not possibly have existed in the past because no part of it is comprehensible to a non-analytic. EVERY part of it is HUGELY complex. Every ASPECT of it is hugely complex. There is nothing about it that is simple.

There is absolutely nothing about the nuclear industry that your typically mentally retarded zealot is even remotely capable of comprehending or understanding. Not one thing. And that is why everything which spews out of anti-nuclear advocates is a lie, a misdirection, or a misrepresentation of some kind. Without exception.

In fact, not even the 'iconic imagery' of nuclear power plants is accurate. Not even something as simple as that. Every journalist who wants to pass off a picture of a nuclear power plant looks for cooling towers. Only, coal plants have cooling towers too. Most power plants do. What identifies nuclear power plants are the containment buildings with their domes.

Non-analytics and non-experts in the field literally couldn't get a single thing right.

Did you know that the steel pipes in a nuclear power plant, the ones that transmit high pressure high temperature steam, aren't even steel? :D They're metal and they're an alloy, but they're not principally made out of iron. They're made out of nickel - hasteloy. Or the cheap ones are just internally lined with hasteloy but you can't exactly dismiss the lining as unimportant because it's what makes the pipes work. Even something that simple. And it's so across the board.

Nuclear power should NEVER be a popular issue because the vast majority of the population is totally incapable of understanding or comprehending any aspect or component of its operation. Nuclear power is one of those wondrous areas where human civilization has completely outstripped its pathetic magical-thinking forebears. It probably won't surprise you to find out that the French nuclear union is explicitly communist.

Come to think of it, that's WHY zealots hate nuclear power so much. Because literally no part of it is comprehensible to them. Because it's a monument to their idiocy.

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