Sunday, February 17, 2013

Power-Hunger Is Great

... so long as it's not from Evil people.

Power hunger is directly proportional to dissatisfaction with life. Or something like that. And since I consider this world Hell, I love it when people have their eyes wide open and see the world for the shithole it is. Power-hungry people who want to change this shithole for the better are my kind of people.

There is nothing evil about Power, it's a simple necessity to get nearly anything you want out of life. It's not like fame or freedom, which ARE evil. Fame being intrinsically evil and freedom being sought by apathetic people who are content letting others suffer. And money? Money IS power!

It's too bad that power is mostly sought by Evil assholes who want power for its own sake. Not to DO anything with it but merely to enjoy its possession. That too is evil because it deprives Good people of power. It deprives Good people of the ability to do Good things.

So power is great. The things that ordinary people say are better or less controversial than power? THOSE are the evil things. And like all great things, Evil people want to coopt and steal it.

I suppose it's like Heroism and Courage, which are also bad and evil, and all too frequently coopted by Evil people and Evil societies. So there's a lot of precedent.

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