Monday, February 11, 2013

Japanese Are As Despicable As English

I believed Japanese childrearing was stuck in mode 4 of the deMause childrearing modes, but until just now, I didn't have any evidence to prove it. Well, now I do. It only took reading a few Naruto fanfics too so I'm getting better. Because Naruto harkens back to what we in the civilized world (which excludes the UK, USA and now Japan) would call a bygone age where everyone owes their entire lives to the clan and clans are everything.

Naruto can only be loyal to Konoha because his own family is completely dead, so all of Konoha is his clan. And as it's his clan and he's in mode 4, he must be absolutely loyal to it. He can have no personal ambitions outside of his clan. That's why he wants to be Hokage, because being head of the clan is the ultimate ambition, as nothing exists outside the clan. And that's why the missing-nin are traitors instead of adventurers and freethinkers and individualists.

When you really think about it, it's quite sick. And that's why nobody but Japanese can buy into it. Everyone with a smattering of a brain writes Naruto fanfic in a subtly off-canon way. And those capable of genuinely thinking for themselves often construct a premise that completely derails and blows up the Japanese obsessions with clan and village, that force the protagonists to grow up in a non-Japanese way.

The best part is this. I thought the UK were bad? Oh man, the Japanese are worse! The English are 4+ or mid-4, as they don't generally whip their children into unconsciousness like the Austrians did when Adolf Hitler grew up. But you can tell the Japs are worse despite their children's fiction being roughly the same because the Japanese in real life destroy all remnants of creativity and individuality in their children.

The high tech, more functional and communal nature of Japanese society as opposed to the broken psychopathic nature of the English doesn't make up for their explicitly suppressing individuation in toddlers. Man I hate the Island Apes on both sides of Eurasia. The English are the Whiny Traitors Of Europe. And the stupid fucking Japs are all but begging China or Korea to nuke them.

The Germans moved on from being 4- back when they were Nazis. They leaped straight to 6- and are still taking lessons from the 6+ Scandinavian societies around them. So the Germans might be a tad weaker economically than the Japs, but politically? They are infinitely better. The Germans became best friends with the French, they're not trying to alienate and provoke their nuclear-armed neighbours like the Japs.

Japanese are insane fucks and in their own non-violent incestuous way, they are just as bad as the parents of Germany's Nazi generation.

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