Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Character Alignment: US Democrats

I just read an interesting little tidbit that shed some insight on Democrats in this discussion of Right Wing Authoritarians.

What do young people get for joining Democratic political causes? Scrutiny. What do conservative internes get? Adventure and the very real possibility of advancement. Unfortunately, most liberals are not even willing to consider an opinion until the speaker has become famous. Grover Norquist's ideas had much of their power BECAUSE he was unknown, and the clever Republican 'stealth mode' was able to capitalize on them to the fullest - because they were effective ideas, and not because he was important-enough to be worth listening to.

Fundamentally, Democrats seek unity whereas Republicans seek separation and division.

Here this fellow says that Democrats worship hierarchical authority, or at least their Character Alignment is Lawful. And well, Democrats are definitely not Chaotics. They hate political activists and protestors almost as much as the Republicans do.

But Republicans worship hierarchical authority TOO. They're right-wing authoritarians mostly and Lawful Evil primarily. So what does that make Democrats? Well, they're not Good, not even remotely. I'm thinking they might be Lawful Neutral?

And Lawful Neutral looks simultaneously more purely hierarchical and yet ... yes, definitely more Cattle-ish. As the entire * Neutral band of Character Alignment is NPCs, insects and cattle. The Lawful Neutrals are tools and slaves. That's the Democrats pretty much.

The Republicans are of course monsters. Not complete monsters, but monsters.

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