Friday, March 01, 2013

Totalitarian Communism Works Great!

Many people believe the problem with communism or socialism (especially the Soviet kind) is to "motivate people".

Well, not really. The biggest problem was distribution and logistics. Marxist use-value theory made no allowance for the gain in value achieved by transportation and trading. Capitalist theory of course has the exact reverse problem.

You say that collectivization disincentivized people? I retort that can't possibly have been a problem because competition ALSO disincentivizes people.

And furthermore, that Semco SA which is one of the most successful companies in the world, uses a totalitarian communist model. One that's even MORE totalitarian than Marxism. Toyota which is essentially fascist in nature, has many elements of communism too.

The big problem with the Bolshevik's version of communism, and there is no way you can possibly know that, is the coercive nature of it. And that came about not because people were forced to work or any such nonsense but because everyone was included.

You see, the big problem wasn't that everyone was guaranteed food, shelter, clothing, and a smattering of luxury items. The big problem was that everyone was guaranteed a job. Which is something YOU are trying to replicate when you imagine a Utopia.

You see jobs as bad things because the filthy capitalists have dehumanized them and tied them to money. Because they've been made compulsory and externally motivated. You idiot!

Haven't you ever heard the parable of the old man who stopped a gang of kids from hurling insults at him by first rewarding them for insulting him with money, and then reducing the amount of money from one day to the next?

Real motivation can only ever be internal. You tie jobs to money? Then you've automatically demotivated everyone. You guarantee jobs to everyone? Then you've ALSO automatically demotivated everyone!

Meaningful jobs, things to DO, are GOOD things. People fucking CRAVE them. That doesn't mean it's your fucking job to provide them! Let people fucking MAKE their own jobs!

The only thing more retarded than providing jobs to people is to provide them AND ruin them. The capitalists do this because they are fucking EVIL. The communists did this because they were GOOD. They did it out of good intentions and not knowing how human psychology works.

The problem with forced collectivization wasn't collectivization, it was with the 'forced' part of the equation. People do AWESOME work when they collectivize. When they feel part of a team, of something greater. Now you force them to work with people they despise? You just ruined their job!

If you think about it, you'll know it's true because people create coops and unions all the fucking time. But the clearest example was in the middle ages when an English king heard that the yeomanry were collectivized to deal with the law. They organized together in groups to vouch for each other you see.

Well, the king thought that was a fine idea! But what about those people whom nobody would vouch for? Let's force other people to vouch for them! And very rapidly, what had been a totally spontaneous self-organization was utterly destroyed when it turned from voluntary to compulsory.

The Bolsheviks tried to force good intentions on evil people. That's why they failed. Because evil people simply refused to do good or be good, and people came to hate being in their proximity.

You want a communist system that works? You don't have to kill evil people. You don't even have to starve them. You simply have to not cater to them.

Semco SA does that. It's totalitarian, it's communist, it's also purely voluntary. You don't want to work with a particular team? You don't have to. They don't want to work with you? They don't have to either!

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