Tuesday, April 07, 2015

How Dumbo Can Fly

It is a mystery to some people how Dumbo the flying elephant can fly when rabbits clearly cannot. The mystery is resolved instantly by realizing that Dumbo has neither mass nor density. What he has is geometry and volume with ears proportional to his body similar to birds' wings to their bodies.

When human minds develop in infancy (and the way AI minds should be built by idiots) they learn to process geometry and volume, then color, then mass, then sound. So anyone developing speech recognition as an independent function is going about it backwards.

What this means is there's a period of time during which very small children have no concept of mass. Or not a very accurate concept of it at all. And you don't need to examine children to figure this out.

Plato had a very good grasp of geometry, Leonardo had a very good grasp of color, yet mass had to wait for Galileo, and even a thousand years later, people are still pondering "If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?" when the clear and obvious answer is "no". And anyone who says otherwise simply has no conception of what "sound" means.

Philosophers to this day still have no idea where color comes from. Because philosophers are idiots. They're obviously mind states. But in order to have states first you must have entities to hold those states. And that's what geometry and volume gives you. And mass? Hell, physicists don't know what mass is, because it's even more advanced.

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