Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Paradox of Getting Along

Some people are confused about why it's wrong to lie. "Does this dress make me look fat?" White lies, polite lies. What's wrong with sparing people's feelings? What's wrong with getting along? What's wrong with being nice and kind?

Well, the problem with it is that if you ever lie, and especially if you ever lie casually then you become known as a liar and fundamentally dishonest, and at that point people will never trust you. And there's just no point getting along with people who are untrustworthy so nobody will bother getting along with you.

This is the paradox of getting along. If you try your hardest to get along with others, nobody will ever get along with you and you will fail in your endeavor. You will fail abysmally, wholly, and completely. If you care only about making friends with others, you will never have friends. And if you're lucky, people will snicker to your face rather than wasting your time.

Now, there is a good explanation for this paradox and it's this. People who care only about having friends or getting along or survival or whatever, they basically don't care about anything. Yes, they care about having friends, but others care about having friends PLUS they care about their projects, their goals, their dreams and their principles.

Nearly everyone cares about something more than getting along, and is perfectly willing to sacrifice getting along for what they care for. So how are they going to perceive someone who cares ONLY about getting along? Those people are going to fall into the Uncanny Valley and will subconsciously register as hollow, fake, and un-people.

Real people care about things and people who care only about getting along aren't real people. You can never trust someone who seeks only to get along with others because you can never predict what they will do. They are in fact a mere object thrown about by the whims of others, not an independent entity possessed of free will, not a person.

It's difficult for most people to understand others who are fundamentally unlike themselves. And what isn't understood can never be trusted, unless your entire personality revolves around faith and even then, faith is given to some people in preference to others. People who care about faith above all else will never place their faith in people who care about nothing.

And caring, genuine caring, can never be faked using hobbies or pastimes. Accumulating a steady succession of hobbies only shows to others that you just don't care about any of them. There's no way for people who care only about getting along to fake genuine caring or to fake out others about the fact that they don't care.

In a world of people who care about goals and dreams, those who care only about getting along and fitting in with others will never fit in and never get along. Why else is there an obsession with being "cool"? With literally not giving a fuck what others think? It's a reaction against "friendlies". Even if the "friendlies" have tried to corrupt "cool" to mean "popular".

If you care only about getting along with others, that is all you will ever have in life. You will never have comrades, you will never have brothers, you won't even ever have friends. And you might not even succeed in "getting along", that is, avoiding conflict at any cost.

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