Saturday, April 18, 2015

You Are What You Eat

Eat fat, be fat, right?

Eat meat exclusively and you're a mighty predator RAWR like the lion who claims all four parts of the kill. One part because he's king, one part because he's noble, one part because he's a team-member, and the last part he'll kill anyone who touches it.

Drink milk and be a cow, led hither and yon to pasture. It doesn't even taste good, it's not all that healthy with the growth hormones in it, so why are you doing it? I suppose it's the regression to infancy most desired by right-wing authoritarians.

Be a vegetarian and you're a plant. That just sits there and does nothing, merely "being" and "aware" of its environment. "Environmentally-aware", get it? Fucking plants, no wonder they feel so much sympathy for trees. Ought to take a chainsaw to them.

Eat honey and you're a worker bee, busily buzzing around for the benefit of the worker hive. All for the collective! Save the pupae!!

Eat fish and you're ... a bigger fish. Swimming in the currents of the great material continuum together with your school of identical other fishies while clinging to the belief that you're a precious unique individual. Ironically and ambivalently since there's no sense of direction out in the ocean.

Be an omnivore and ... you know, I don't know what the fuck you are but you might be like me. Maybe you're a monkey, clever little monkey, hihihi. Laughing at all the other stupid animals while chucking the "bend with the wind" trees into the fire. The trees that whine because they "never did anyone any harm".

Pacifism has saved: 0 people from slavery and/or a bullet to the head.

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