Friday, April 24, 2015

Who Needs Brain Bleach and Dreads Puppy Dog Eyes?

There is a particular type of person who keeps saying "OMG, TMI, I need brain bleach" at something innocuous like seeing old people fucking, or their parents fucking. Or even more innocuous, seeing their siblings fucking. Why the fuck would they do that? It's not like they have to do anything about it.

But the thing is, these people want to do absolutely nothing, not even think, so the mere learning of highly unexpected information is deeply traumatic because it requires them to think, to learn and to assimilate that information. And thinking, learning and assimilating are doing things, thus are highly negative to them.

Basically, these people are saying the equivalent of "OMG, I have to lift a finger! I don't know how to lift my finger! Freakout freakout freakout!" Which is utterly pathetic, and yes they are that utterly pathetic because their minds are fragmented and autistic. That's why thinking and learning are onerous chores to them which they will do the least possible.

These people still want to move to prove they exist, they just don't want to go anywhere so they twirl in circles going nowhere. They want to sleep because they don't want to die, and at least being asleep proves they exist. Dreaming proves they exist. They want to be, but not to do. They want to be Smaug the sleeping dragon sitting on his hoard, feared and left alone. And doing nothing.

Every time they have to move their paw to scratch themselves in a place they've never scratched themselves before, they have to remember how to scratch oneself and cobble this together with the new spot that is scratchy and see if that works. This is effort, but not half as much effort as having to learn something out of nothing, like learning to use a backscratcher when you've never scratched yourself before. OMG the trauma!

Why do these people dread "the puppy dog eyes" or "the stare"? And I don't quote dread because yes they do dread it. Well, it should be obvious by now, they want to do absolutely nothing, and someone personally connected to them asking them to do something forces them to do something ... which is not nothing and hence is to be feared and dreaded. "Oh no, I have to lift my finger, the horror, the horror!!!"

Other things they say are "I could eat". As opposed to "I want to eat" which requires having desires and so takes effort. As opposed to "I am hungry" which requires determining the actual state of their body, which takes effort. Yes, minimal effort, the kind of effort which virtually everyone scoffs at and says "that's no effort at all" and laughs in derision. But that's still effort to people who want to do ABSOLUTELY NO EFFORT.

Speaking of that, speaking in a thunderous voice, or getting angry, or caring, or even raising your voice, that all takes effort. Which is why these people are always soft-spoken, because that requires no effort. Which is why they always get along, because that requires no effort. Which is why they're always polite, because that's expected of them and takes no effort. In a lot of ways, these people are my antithesis, which is why I loathe them.

Another thing they say is "I see how it is" when they feel put upon. Why? Because that's the minimum possible reaction to an insult. Why, it's virtually no reaction at all. It's a mere placeholder for a reaction. It says "I should feel insulted but I won't go to the bother of it because then I'd have to do something about it". Except "I see how it is" is 5 syllables instead of 27. The only possible way to expend LESS effort would be to ignore insults entirely and be completely imperturbable. Which some of them actually do.

These people's minds are autistic and fragmented, with jagged bits and pieces grinding against each other painfully. That's why they don't like to think. It's also why they're all shy and awkward about virtually anything. It's also why they worship grace (least effort under adverse circumstances) because they consider virtually everything an adverse circumstance.

And it's also why they worship ecosystems since ecosystems are made up of animals that constantly grind against each other, whether to fuck or to kill. Ecosystems resemble their minds and Man always did create God in His own image. That's why these retards talk about loathsome "ecosystems of ideas". And it's also why they worship evolution which is just going along with random meaningless arbitrary forces their autistic minds can't hope to ever understand.

And it's also why they keep saying exterminating mosquitoes "will have repercussions we cannot hope to understand". Because they are autistic retards so of course they can't understand anything, and frankly don't want to ... because that requires effort. But you know what? Exterminating mosquitoes requires effort too, which is the actual reason they don't want to do it. And of course, they are terrified that those "repercussions we cannot hope to understand" might require effort.

To them, everything should remain exactly as it is. And if you're hurt by it, you should be soothed, because that's the minimum amount of effort. Slavery, war, disease, murder, infanticide, poverty, death, none of it matters and none of it could possibly matter enough to ... expend effort. Just ... compensate. Everything is in a beautiful "balance" which should remain exactly how it is indefinitely. Balance, the point of least effort to everything else.

And when that "beautiful balance" gets upset then it requires ... token effort to redress it. The people waving around placards and street signs saying "white people like me don't get shot by the cops" are basically whining "stop making me feel guilty for my white privilege". You'll notice that not one single word on the placard signs refers to the people supposedly being protested over, only to the protestors. But that's alright, waving that placard around got rid of their guilt so problem solved! Black people still getting shot? That's no longer their problem, they expended the effort to get rid of the guilt after all.

It's good to be privileged. Even after people make you feel guilty over it, you only need to put in token effort to fix it. On balance, it's a win-win-win. You win, your friends win and your buddies win. Corruption? Nah, *friends*. Because strangers don't matter and what kind of asshole would make you go to the ludicrously insane amounts of effort that caring for strangers would require? The notion of caring for strangers you don't personally see, talk to, or interact with in any way isn't even comprehensible to them.

To them, it's never "everyone should be free" or "everyone should be treated well". It's always "me and my buddies should be free and treated well". That word "corruption" is only bad because others think it's bad, and might ... require effort to deal with them.

It's always easiest (least effort) to deal with others when nobody knows what you're doing in the dark. So smile smile smile at everyone during the daytime and hide what others would disapprove of at night. Because it's only considerate to others to not tell them the things that would make them *go to the effort* of becoming upset, and would in turn make you *go to the effort* of dealing with their emotional reactions.

Also, everyone has the same basic drives (ie, wanting everything to be effortless) that they themselves do, because processing how alien minds work would require effort. In fact, just the notion that others' minds are alien to you requires effort to assimilate, so is basically anathema to them. And if for some reason they need to recognize the existence of other personality types, they will only recognize the minimal number of them for their particular goals. Naturally enough since that is least effort.

Ah yes, another giveaway word they use is "monsters". Not psychopath or narcissist or nazi, but "monster". What is a monster? "Someone or something whose body or mind I don't recognize and can't process with my autistic mind or otherwise makes my life difficult." An unexpected freak.

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