Thursday, April 16, 2015

What personality does the Sun have?

Let's set aside the fact the Sun is a runaway thermonuclear fusion reactor outputting a lot of X-rays in the sky and that worshipping it in preference to building nuclear power plants is fucking insane, and extremely annoying besides. And while we're at it, let's set aside the fact it's a ball of hydrogen above a critical mass for self-ignition. Got it? Now, what IS the Sun? And, since I already gave it away: what personality does it have?

The Sun is the object that pleases everyone equally without exception. It can be harsh and unforgiving out in the wastes around the Nile but you would much, much rather it be there than not. So the Sun is a people-pleaser. As are people with a ... sunny disposition, by no coincidence whatsoever. Going further, what is the Moon? The Moon is the object that takes care of you in your literally darkest hour. Without it, you're fucked.

The ancients didn't say someone was the Sun King or the Lord of Light as a metaphor or symbol for their personality. They said it because the Sun and Moon HAVE personality. And you don't need to anthropomorphize them one little bit to recognize this fact anymore than you need to be a mystic or occultist in order to recognize the GOP Republicans are vampires out to suck you dry of blood. Or that environmentalists are archaicists who hate all humanity.

Calling something a metaphor makes it sound ambiguous and impenetrable, and definitely intended to obscure meaning in order to sound "deep". These things were neither, they were explicit, blatant, overt and most importantly, PRECISE. When you're out working on the Nile every day in the fields, the meaning of Sun is as clear as day. Just as clear as any other in-joke or pop cultural reference. In fact, pop culture references are infinitely MORE obscure than the big glowing object in the sky!

The Sun, the Lord of Light, the original pop culture icon. Far far bigger than the Beatles, let alone Jesus. And still actively worshiped by legions of solar zealots putting out their feeble little solar panels and going out to beaches at enormous cost to themselves.

"You sound like you think they really are gods."

"They are gods."

"No, they're not. They use technology to trick people into thinking they are, but we can show you those tricks. They are not gods. And if you think they're gods, why are you helping us defeat them?"

"The fact that they're gods does not make them good guys. I don't have a problem with fighting gods. And it doesn't matter what technology they use. We're not talking about the omniscient, omnipotent singular god of judeo-christian beliefs, we're talking about ancient pantheonic gods. They can use whatever tricks they want, the facts remain that they have power of life and death over their followers, their followers do worship them, and their temples are holy ground. They are gods. I know that and Teal'c knows that."

"He calls the goa'uld 'false gods.' He knows that they're not really gods."

"They break faith with their people. They play their worshipers falsely. That makes them false gods. It does not make them non-gods." - awesome story by MarbleGlove

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