Monday, February 24, 2014

A/theists Are Strutting Pigeons Who Believe They're Victorious

You know, that was my opinion of atheists back when I was an antitheist. I call it 'the game of intellectual integrity' in mockery because I don't believe either side has any. I had to come up with all these rules in order to keep them both in line.

You will find if you play the game that it's impossible to avoid the conclusion that there are Real World Entities that ARE gods. In other words, that gods exist not just in fiction but in the real world.

Theists win the game, always. And lose in the real world. Because reality is always corrosive to fantasy. Real gods are corrosive to fantasy gods. Just like real medicine is corrosive to fantasy medicine. And real childcare advice is corrosive to child exorcisms. And viagra is corrosive to tiger penis male potency crap.

And that's why atheists are just idiots strutting around knocking all the pieces over pretending to be victorious. What victory do they gain? What victory do they achieve? What EFFECT do they have in the REAL WORLD? Nothing.

If you want to destroy religion, all you have to do is prove that real gods exist for people to be in awe of and worship. And prove that these gods are merely the equals of humanity. That will give theists pause and perspective.

Have you ever contemplated the fact that as humanity becomes ever more powerful and ever more relevant in the lives of people, as it becomes ever more competent and capable, then fantasy gods fade away into insignificance? That's why people are becoming secular.

'secular' -> converted to worshiping humanity as a god. 'humanist' -> converted to worshiping Humanity The Good as a god.

There's three levels of knowledge:

  • nothing << atheists
  • metaphoric << theists
  • literal << antitheists 'fantasy gods people worship are Evil'
  • formal << 'real gods exist and humanity is one of them'

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