Sunday, February 23, 2014

Atheists vs Theists: The Game of Intellectual Integrity

Inspired by Nomic.


Obvious rules that together boil down to "don't be a douchebag"

  • everyone has to play
  • all players have to register on the atheist or theist side
  • all players must make appropriate moves until they personally admit defeat
  • if one side is collectively defeated, the other side wins
  • an atheist admits defeat by acknowledging that a Real World Entity is a god
  • a theist admits defeat by acknowledging that an atheist has possession or ownership of all of a god in their bedroom
  • anyone who can't make a move in a timely manner automatically acknowledges defeat
  • a move consists of adding an item to a list in accordance to the rules and having that item survive instant nullification
  • adding duplicate or meaningless items does not count as a legal move
  • to count as meaningful, an item on a nullifying list must nullify another item, unless there are less than 5 items to nullify on the appropriate list.
  • anyone who breaks the rules is an intellectually incompetent dishonest lying hypocrite

Important rules

  • there are three lists: Real World Entities, Criteria For Godhood, Acknowledged Fictional Gods
  • any logical discrepancies between RWE items and CFG items, or CFG and AFG are resolved thus: CFG nullifies RWE, AFG nullifies CFG.
  • theists control the RWE list
  • atheists control the CFG list
  • any fictional entity whom over 90% of the population calls a god is allowed by default on the AFG list
  • atheists and theists can only modify the AFG list by mutual consent

So for instance, atheists and theists could agree that entities demonstrating Narcissistic Personality Disorder don't automatically go on the AFG list even if everyone calls them gods, in exchange for entities with Anarcho-Communist personalities getting on the AFG list over their own refusal to be called gods. But until such an agreement happens, any fictional Narcissist demonstrating alien superpowers who manages to wow a fictional population of primitives gets put on the AFG list.


  • atom bomb
  • world bank


  • is very impressive


  • Apollo from Star Trek: the Original Series.
  • Zeus
  • Q Continuum
  • Akatosh, the Dragon God of Time
  • 'God' from the Christian Bible


Foldingtype said...

You've never been happy once in your miserable life, have you?

Richard Kulisz said...

I'm happy when I break people's minds.