Monday, February 24, 2014

On Reddit and other Discussion Communities

I just realized why I despise reddit and grew desperate to have an excuse to leave it the first time around. Because it's pathetic in a very specific way. Because it's intrinsically Passive. Because it's a forum for useless navel-gazers who do nothing but watch the world go by.

Even isn't so pathetic. Whether the authors there are good or evil, whether they're pathetically pandering to their audience or they're writing for themselves or writing to make a point. At least the authors there aren't Passive. They're doing something.

And do you know what's the most infuriating and despicable thing about those useless wastes of skin? In their opinions, THEY believe that asking serious and trenchant political or philosophical questions is useless navel gazing.

Because THEY all think that chit chatting with like-minded others and maintaining community standards and keeping everything ticking and being liked by others and being self-satisfied and patting each other on the back ... they think this has VALUE. It's despicable and repulsive.

So I'm free. I'm free of that despicable community. That and any other one. I can come into it as I please. I can waste some time on it if I'm bored. And then ... I can leave. Because I realize WHY I despise it. It's not some vague feeling. It's intrinsically inimical to everything I hold dear. I would nuke reddit and exterminate all redditors if I could and feel like I'm doing the world a favour.

Discussion Communities and all their participants can die for all I care. In fact, it would please me if they do.

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