Monday, February 24, 2014

On Conspiracy Theorists and Anti-Conspiracy Theorists

It never, ever pays to be subtle so I'll be blunt.

Neither side cares a whit about the truth or about facts or about what is or is not manipulation of facts or the truth. They are merely factions in the process of factional fighting.

Both sides are mindless herds engaged in grazing their intellectual territories and defending them against any other encroaching herd. Or other type of ungulate.

Both sides think their type of ungulate is the only kind that exist. The cows decry the sheep as insane cows. The sheep decry the cows as mindless sheep.

This factional war isn't about truth or fact or principle. It's about fucking TERRITORY. Territory which sustains their pathetic fragile emotions.

And the proof that they are pathetic and emotionally fragile? Neither side can get up the spine to actually commit a personal character assassination. They are both spineless and gormless.

The questions that should be running through your mind are:

  • are you spineless and gormless?
  • are you pathetic and fragile?
  • why are you aligning with either side?
  • why are you taking the factional fight seriously?

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