Friday, February 14, 2014


The Halo series of novels is the uplifting story of how Moralists are really Evil and we need more Narcissists to save us from them. Evil people are incapable of understanding universal principles, or the whole concept of universality. They are incapable of understanding that other people matter independently of their use or similarity to yourself. That's what makes them Evil. They're so retarded they can't understand Neutrality, forget Goodness entirely, so believe everyone is secretly like them, just lying about it. Western economists even teach that everyone is really Evil in microeconomics 101.

So in Halo, the bad guys are Moralists doing a bunch of moralist things and using Moralist names and titles. Titles like prophet and charity. Activities like conquest and hegemonization and creating Uni-minds. And of course, these are the BAD guys. Meanwhile, the protagonists are sparkly grim-faced Uber-men. Nietzsche would approve wholly and unreservedly. Cause it's not like we need the army and the navy, no we just need these few Uber-men.

The final nail in the coffin? There is another entirely different story where Moralists are really Evil and we need more ... to save us from them. Only it's not Evil people, it's Good people, preferably Anarcho-Communists. That story is The Last Angel. And not only is this story entirely different in tone and content, but the Evil Moralists in it actually ACT Evil, because they're really Right-Wing Authoritarians masquerading as Moralists.

The writers of Halo don't understand Moralists or Morality beyond the fact they hate them. They can see their actions, sort of, and they hate Moralists for their actions. The writer of The Last Angel on the other hand ... he hates Moralists for being too similar to and too easily corrupted by RWAs. And since that's not nearly enough to condemn someone to death, he makes all the bad guys genuinely Evil, by making them RWAs, and teaches the real Moralists a nasty object lesson.

Differential judgement. The Narcissistic shits behind Halo just see Moralists as different and that's enough to hate them to death. The, probably Anarcho-Communist, writer behind The Last Angel understands the differences between RWAs and Moralists enough to wish death on the former and a punch in the face to the latter. Differential judgement is a sign you've got an inkling of a clue as to people's motivations, and have an idea whom you can live with and whom you can't.

It works on the flipside too. People who want to be nice to everybody, who want peace & lovingkindness, who think everybody deserves to live ... they show no differential judgement whatsoever. And these people are just as worthless as Narcissists. Almost as undeserving of living.

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